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Back to School

Who would have believed that the opening of the fall semester would cause such controversy?

The likely outcome is that some schools in some areas at some levels WILL be welcoming students back in a few weeks. And others won't.

For "open" schools, some places on campus where signs and banners were rarely seen are likely to become prime locations for safety and instructional signage.

Gyms and locker rooms. Cafeterias and dorms. Libraries and laboratories. Anywhere that students might gather, expect to see guidelines "front and center".

When and if the educational community comes calling, you can—with confidence—assure them that you can provide what they need to keep their campuses safe and in compliance with local regulations.

Directional Floor Decals. A-Frames and Banner Stands for mask advisories, capacity restrictions, and revised hours of operation. Instructional messaging on a variety of substrates for hand washing, food handling, and trash disposal.

Even a "welcome back" banner big enough to cover the side of a building.

Because all of these items—and more—are available from Alpha Business Forms.

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