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New Year New You

Start the new year right by making subtle updates like new shades of existing colors or a more modern, cleaner font to keep your company fresh. To start, look at these common assets to build a brand refresh that will work for you: Business Cards: a refresh that uses textures, finishes, and even card weight to change that essential business card. Signs: at the front door and throughout a shop are the essential visual elements that help guide customers. EDDM: mail is an effective way to spread news and engage customers. Booklets and catalogs:  a handy desk reference for regularly purchased items and adjacent items is appreciated and used. Promotional Items: We can help you provide your customers unique and attention-getting promotional items. Clothing: THE BUSINESS WORLD HAS CHANGED. The way we work is more flexible than ever before. Just as we’ve adapted to a new normal, what we wear today reflects our individual preferences and work styles. Alpha offers many clothing options that we can custom embroider

or screen print.

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