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Seize the days!

Think printed calendars are obsolete or old-fashioned? Think again! 86% of people who use a digital calendar also use a printed calendar.* Every single day, promotional calendars put your message in front of your audience.

• When they jot down an appointment.

• When they verify the date of Mother’s Day.

• When they are reminded of an important anniversary.

• When they excitedly flip the page to the next month to see what attention-grabbing image will show up.

Share you message with all types of calendars:

Commercial / Pocket / Stick Up / Desk Pad & Tent / Executive / Appointment & Planner / and more!

Enjoy the many uses to fit your needs:

Marketing - brand building / new products / sales support

Sales - trades show & meetings / leave behinds / customer appreciation

Human Resources - benefits information / corporate history / employee appreciation

Operations - schedules / safety programs / plant information

Make every day count with custom imprinted calendars.

Call 724-468-6000 or visit

*According to a MarketSight® Survey, April 2019.

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