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Tee up for success

Local golf tournaments, present sales opportunities to both tournament organizers and the local companies that sponsor the outing. And, best of all, golf tournament participants always keep the swag they receive: great marketing messaging! The average golf tournament has 80 golfers and raises $5,000. Combining sponsors and

promotional products that are functional and give maximum logo exposure is the ticket to increasing charity proceeds. Gifts and prizes are key to golf events, and in fact, are the reason many people play in events and return again the following year. All can be custom imprinted with the tournament information or sponsor.

1. Tee Gifts: These are participation gifts that are given to each golfer at registration.

2. Winner’s Gifts: In charity events, most play in teams of four. Gifts are presented to first-, second- and third-place finishers.

3. Sponsor Awards: They can be crystal or utilitarian, and they don’t have to be golf-themed – for example, branded Sherpa blankets for individual sponsors. If the sponsor is corporate, he recommends a plaque or award that can be displayed on the walls of the office to demonstrate its commitment to charity.

4. Volunteer Gifts: T-shirts are common choices, but food or wine could also be a good choice, depending on the budget.

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