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For the love of print

Did you know:

• Printing was introduced to England in 1476.

• Gutenberg Bible is the first major book printed using movable type in the Western world.

• The first color printing was done in China during the Tang Dynasty.

• The offset printing process was patented in 1907.

• Digital printing emerged in the 1990s.

• Originally, Typefaces and fonts were created by hand and (usually) named after the printer who invented them. For Example, French printer, Claude Garamond, has a font still used today.

• The Incredible Hulk was originally gray, but because of a printing error, Hulk’s skin was a different color in each copy of the debut issue. When Hulk’s creator, Stan Lee, saw the green hulk in some issues, he decided he liked it better, and the accidental color became the standard.

• 3D printers can print a wild variety of objects, such as jewelry, clothing, food, and houses!

• The response rates for direct mail marketing are 37% higher than email marketing response rates

• 90% of US adults have read a magazine in the last 6 months

Printing is more than just ink on paper, its a way to market your business. Alpha provides a full range of printing that reflects well on your organization and your brand. For over 40 years our experience in delivering high quality products means we have gathered the resources to offer you an unlimited choice of print solutions. No matter how demanding or unusual your printing request may be, we can provide you every advantage in today’s marketplace. Alpha's team of experienced professionals will provide you expert consultation on every project no matter what the size. From design, copying, printing, finishing and mailing, all the way to delivery, we do it all professionally and personally every time.

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